About Us

Founded in 2019, EDELAND Company offers transportation and logistics services to you and regardless of its newly started activity, it has gained the trust of many leading companies, corporations and holdings. Serving to its customers, EDELAND provide them with all necessary services. We would like to mention our working principle firstly: to take into account all customer demands; door to door delivery; to prove your trust; to deliver the services timely; and experience and professionalism. 

Our key principle is surely to fulfill the wishes of our customers. The key goal of the EDELAND team is to fulfill all wishes of our customers and take into account their priorities. Satisfied customers are the successes of our company. It is very important how accurately a service system works and how punctual it is. As a team, we do our best to comply with the door to door principle. Delivery of their cargos unbrokenly and safely to the destination points is important for any customers. Our company ensures the transportation of your cargos entirely and the full safety of deliveries.  


Our Advantages

EDELAND is one of the logistics companies signing contracts with European countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Georgia and etc. Our management has 25-year experience and we have succeeded to gain the trust of our customers during this period. We have fulfilled all demands of our customers and assisted them in finding the most suitable ways even in difficult situations. We have gathered a team ensuring a customer-tailored approach and have taken into account the specificity of cargos through transportation. From the embarkation of cargos to the debarkation of them in the target destination, we control them and take responsibility for their completeness and safety. One of the key advantages of our company is the transportation of cargos of any type and size. We perform transportation of cargos from 1 to 25 tons. Thanks to their extensive experience and knowledge, our team perform the most complex transportations. One of the important factors influencing the work progress is the working ability of personnel and their approach to their jobs. We have professional and specialized personnel treating their jobs with responsibility. This team do great jobs and break grounds every day. Implement your projects and enhance your horizons. As the EDELAND team, we will realize this with great pleasure!